Jeroboam Closure

Jeroboam, an innovative new directionally adjustable and lockable pourer closure with an efficient anti-glug system designed primarily for jerrican style containers.

The new standard 42mm double tamper evident Jeroboam pourer makes one, two, five and ten litre containers for automotive, garden and household products easier to use: the pouring spout can be rotated to allow the container to be used in the most convenient position and the efficient integrated flow regulator and splash-guard device prevents both glugging and splashing of the liquid to achieve a constant accurate flow for clean and easy pouring. The two-part closure system comprises a polypropylene screw-on base with tamper evident band to the neck of the container and hinged flip-top pourer available in an exciting range of opaque or translucent colours with a tamper evident tear-off strip for product security. Contrasting the colours of the base and pourer can customise Jeroboam to suit label graphics for shelf impact and product differentiation. For added safety the flip-top closes with an audible click and has a patented locking capability with a quarter turn clockwise for secure storage and to prevent any leakage due to self-opening during transportation.

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