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Yes, the Cormack Innovation Awards are on again and to celebrate our 7th year we have launched the Awards website.

The Cormack Innovation Award is regarded as one of the most practical industrial design awards in Australia. The competition criteria and judging is done by senior industry representatives working in FMCG, beverage, chemical cleaning and pharmaceutical companies, the same people that one day will be commissioning designs from these students in the commercial world.

The Awards are open to 3rd year Industrial Design Students currently studying in Australia.

As well as cash prizes, Cormack Packaging offers paid, project based work experience to the winning student, and the possibility of commercialisation of any design with industry interest. Finalists receive widespread publicity in local papers, industry publications and websites.

The awards culminate in the Presentation Night which is held in Sydney in October. The top 20 designs will be displayed and these students will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their designs with senior industry members, government representatives, past winners and other students.

For more information visit our new Cormack Innovation Awards website

Plastic Prices Soar!

Plastic Resin prices are not directly linked to either oil barrel or petrol pricing, but in broad terms they tend to be closely aligned.

We have seen two years of steadily increasing resin costs with little likelihood of prices easing.

Oil barrel pricing was predicted to never pass through the $100 per barrel mark, but it is now at $142.99 and increasing. There are so many drivers to the pricing unrelated to the actual source price of oil.

Summary drivers include, political uncertainty in the Arab region, Iran's desire to produce nuclear power, Nigeria's political unrest and theft, China and India's fast rise in consumerism and affluence with motor vehicles and the drop in USD has seen many traders treating oil as a future stock.

Reportedly OPEC are releasing supplies greater than demand, but this has not caused the traders to dump oil stocks, so prices are still climbing.

When this oil pricing is translated to its related product of plastic resins (ethylene), pricing is again driven by ethylene costs, global capacity to manufacture resins, global demand for plastic products (huge growth in China and India) and our lovely friends the spot buyers and traders.

Attached is a graph of typical resin prices in Asia. These may not be exact figures but reflect the buy price of several Cormack suppliers in China. Do not use this as an exact resin cost, but it does give a good reflection on plastic raw material prices for PP Resins in Asia over the last 2 years. Prices do vary based on grade of PP and volumes.

resin pricing graph.jpg

The Dangers of Baby Oil – A Call for Child Resistant Closures

On September 23, 2008 Today Tonight featured a story on the potentially serious dangers for children, of common household oils including Baby oil, massage, hair and bath oils and essential oils.

In Australia at least 3,000 reported ingestion accidents to young children occur every year. In the US, it is reported that 20 children die a year from ingesting small quantities of household oils, 5 deaths from baby oil.

Seven years ago, the US market moved to legislate that child resistant packaging was mandatory for oily liquids containing hydrocarbons. These include:

  • Baby oils
  • Bath oils
  • Body oils
  • Massage oils
  • Sunscreens

In Australia, the largest supplier was quoted in this article as stating that they will, after 48 years change to child resistant caps on all their baby oil products in Australia and worldwide.

For the full story aired on Today Tonight click go to:

Cormack Packaging is Australia's largest supplier of Child Resistant Caps. We cr-caps.gifmanufacture and supply:

  • Multi piece caps from 20mm to 38mm with a push turn system
  • Squeeze and Turn caps from 28mm to 38mm
  • Squeeze and Turn caps with restrictor plugs

As well as our large range of standard caps, we also design custom closures for customers where volumes allow.

For more information on our caps contact Cormack Packaging on 1800 801 758 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.