Ever wondered how those elite players of the National Rugby League (NRL) stay hydrated? The Cormack Packaging 38mm twist beverage closure known as ‘Cowboy' proved to be the preference recently amongst a number of teams when they requested a range of their favorite Gatorade products to be supplied with the closure for the 2010 season.

Proving to be a more convenient option for players, the Gatorade brand will replace the current 38mm flat cap with the purpose designed closure. The ‘Cowboy' 38mm twist has been designed with the deliverable of easy opening and utilisation during movement occasions, which is ideal for any athlete from elite levels to the casual jogger. The twist design allows users to open and close the closure with the mouth, preventing contamination from fingers and allowing free flowing movement whilst re-hydrating. The shape of the mouthpiece allows for controlled and directional flow during consumption to quench immediate thirst, creating a positive experience for the consumer.

Functionality plays a significant role in the development of any closure by the Cormack Packaging design team. Designers take an approach of placing themselves in the eyes, and in this case lips of the consumer to deliver an exceptional product experience for brand owners. With a distinguished aesthetic from other product closures on the market, the design team went beyond functional performance to deliver a closure that commands stand out shelf presence and memorable consumer interactions.

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