Cormack Packaging recently celebrated the graduation of seven production employees who were successful in obtaining their TAFE recognised Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing. Cormack now has  60% of the total operations workforce- with a minimum of Certificate III and a further 20% of operation staff with a Certificate IV in Lean manufacturing.  Supply, Manufacturing and Engineering functions were represented as each employee received their certificate of completion from Cormack Packaging Managing Director Mathew Cormack, Operations Manager David Mellows, Quality Manager Joe Nguyen and from trainers representing Australian Apprenticeship Arrangements who conducted the ten month course with staff.

Reinforcing an organisational focus on delivering the highest quality standards to our customers and constantly improving our product delivery through the application continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles, the education program which is focused on operational improvement and sustainability of high level performance through successful implementation and maintenance of process improvements.  It also highlights the strong strategic focus by Cormack into investing in the development of our people to increase performance and ownership across the organisation to continue our position as a leader in the market place.

Mathew Cormack said of the achievement of employees involved "Our Cormack Values state "Knowledge is our currency of the future, Innovation is our knowledge transformed into economic value. Our ongoing investment into training and education of our staff is a demonstrated and continued commitment to our core values, our people, and to lean manufacturing disciplines. As an organisation we place in high regard not only the skill acquisition of those involved, but also the enthusiasm of participants to share their newly acquired skills through application within the work place. What this means for our customers is the highest possible performance and consistency in their filling plants coupled with a commitment to world competitive supply costs. People do make the difference especially when your people have the right skills, the right game plan and the enthusiasm and commitment to be winners. At Cormack we live our Values, and at Cormack our people really do make the difference, this is a great demonstration of Our Cormack Values in action".

Cormack will continue to progress the Competitive Manufacturing program within the organisation with additional staff selected to commence Certificate IV qualifications throughout 2009.

people making a difference