Cormack Packaging continues to invest behind strengthening of our Quality Management Systems, delivering supreme integrity in the reliability of our products with the installation of the Vision Measuring System at the Condell Park manufacturing facility.

The Vision Measuring System, with coordinated measuring machine (CMM) capabilities is a world-class installation and a strong addition to the existing robust quality measurement system that Cormack Packaging prides itself on. Featuring a high resolution colour video system, programmable zoom lens and light rings, self aligning servo drive, InSpec metrology software with powerful machine vision tools and state of the art electronics- USB, DSP technology including onboard memory- the Vision Measuring System provides unparalleled product measurement capabilities.

Able to measure multi cavity parts with the highest of accuracy, the Vision Measuring System delivers repeatability by 2 micron, providing Cormack customers with reassurance of consistent product supply to exacting specifications. The Vision Measuring System will be an integral step in the New Product Development Process at Cormack Packaging as well as support our existing customer base in resolving dimensional issues.

The Quality Management team at Cormack Packaging are looking forward to providing customers with advanced high reliability measurement and reporting. Supporting enhanced product design delivering high speed and accuracy for customers within their manufacturing environments.