Innovation came to life for the 2008 Cormack Innovation Awards winner Damien Azzopardi as he commenced his 3 month internship with Cormack Packaging. Damien will be given the unique opportunity to work with the highly skilled in-house design and engineering teams to bring his winning design to life and presenting as a product concept to a number of Cormack's industry leading customers.

Damien Azzopardi enjoyed his first week as part of the Cormack Packaging team as he started his internship as the 2008 recipient of the Cormack Innovation Awards. Taking time out from a busy induction into the world of plastic’s manufacturing, Damien was able to share some of his thoughts on the Innovation Awards and the University program as Cormack Packaging gears up to launch the 2009 Awards in what will be another exciting year of new innovation and design from talented third year students across Australia. 

Damien was pleasantly surprised at the unique nature of the internship and the wide range of interaction with people across the total Cormack business that he was able to engage with “ Cormack internships are the most unique I have ever heard of. I have been thoroughly impressed with Cormack’s determination to expose me to all aspects of their business.”

“I have sat on closure inspection stations on the production lines, assisted in the repairs of multi-million dollar molds alongside highly skilled engineers, experienced customer meetings, and have even been given access to the guidance of Cormack’s experienced Design and Engineering team in redesigning my winning project”. Each day has presented Damien a new opportunity to expand his design skills and to gain invaluable commercial and manufacturing experience to equip him with the necessary tools to be a successful designer in the highly competitive industrial design field. Many students who have experienced the University program first hand have commented on the immense benefit that they gained from being able to complete a factory tour at Cormack’s Condell Park site in Sydney. As a winner of the 2008 Innovation Awards Damien was excited to get even more familiar with injection molding process“ Nothing can compare with a tour of Cormack’s factory floor, that is except a private tour as the winner of the Innovation Awards!” he exclaimed.

“The team at Cormack spared no effort in familiarising you with their production processes, operations and procedures. I have learnt more about injection molding in one day on Cormack Packaging’s factory floor than I have in my three years of study.” In 2009 Cormack are thrilled to be able to extend the University program to a number of new Universities across Australia, increasing the number of talented students who will gain access to the expertise and experience of the Cormack packaging staff whilst connecting them with our valued customers throughout a number of industries. 

The Cormack Innovation Awards 2009 will officially launch on Monday 16th of March 2009.