Sarah Stevens, a 2nd year design student from Monash University has won the 6th Annual Cormack Innovation Award presented in Sydney this week. Sarah is a 2ndyear Industrial Design student at Monash University's Caulfield campus.

Sarah won her award for her elegant design solution for the packaging of nails in a triangular form. Sarah's design gives the DIY handyman easy access to the nails as well as providing a secure way of transporting and storing them. Sarah's design is also easy to manufacture, easy to pack and looks great on retail shelves.

Sarah's design solves the frustration felt by many DIY people, with the current vacuum formed packaging of nails, packaging that is hard to open and harder to close.

Sarah's win is also ground breaking for the Cormack Awards as Sarah is the first student from Monash to win the award as well as our first interstate winner.

Apart from a cash prize and trophy, Sarah will be given the chance to work as a design intern with Cormack Packaging.

The Cormack Innovation Awards are in their 6th year and are recognised as one of the more practically based awards for Industrial Design students in Australia. These Awards are practical as the design criteria are based on industry needs and are judged by leading industry practitioners working in FCMG, Beverage and Pharmaceutical companies - the same people that one day will be commissioning such designs in the commercial world.

Students from UTS, UNSW, Canberra University and Monash University competed for this year's award.