The quality of the designers that win our Cormack Innovation Award is being displayed by their success in other design competitions. Our 2005 winner, Frag Woodall is in the final 21 of the International Bicycle Design Competition. Frag has entered his Everglide bike design which can be found here. The numbers of entries this year were 922 from all over the world. Find out more information on the competition here.

Our 2006 Cormack Innovation Award winner, Brad Stebbings is one of the 3 finalists for the Breville Young Designer Award. Brad has entered his design for a Coffee Shakir.

Our Cormack Innovation Award is one of the most practical design competitions opened to industrial design students in Australia and it is great to see that the designers that win the Cormack with a great packaging idea, go on to be recognized for their ability in other design disciplines.