The Top 20 Innovation Awards have been selected.

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After a huge day of reading and assessing all of the fantastic entries into this year's 2011 Cormack Innovations Awards, the selection panel has awarded the Top 20 Designs.  The following Industrial Design students (in no particular order)  have made it to the list.  Congratulations.  You should be very proud of your achievements:

Chris James

Linden Evans

Michael David Santos

Harrison Reid

Lauren Peck

Sophie Rankine

Yan Yu

Hannah Greethead

Yang-Tsui Lin

Xi Feng

Jason Im-Kue Ju

Andrue Kerr

Angus Deveson

Gideon Chun Yin Lui

Benjamin Taubert

Won Bin Lee

Shan Shan Wang

Julian Chow

Fanru Wang

Gleb Labazine


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