Sandra Loader - Science and Technology Director, Schweppes Australia

"Cormack Packaging Innovation Awards are a great example of a forward thinking event that brings students and business together to improve future packaging design and innovation. As a judge of the Cormack awards in 2014, I was amazed at the professionalism of the program, and the creativity shown by the students in designing, developing and presenting a design concept.

The theme for 2014 was "Container Revival" and the ideas that were developed could very easily be commercialised by big multinationals as well as small businesses.

Cormack Packaging have continued to invest time, effort and money to ensure they are fostering future talent and improving their program year on year. The Cormack Packaging Innovation Awards are the only one of its kind in Australia. Congratulations to Mathew Cormack and his team to unlock new ways of bringing customers, manufacturing suppliers and education together to make a difference."

Cathy Lockhart - Lecturer, Industrial Design, University of Technology Sydney

"I would like to thank Cormack Packaging for their continued dedication to the Innovation awards program.

Over the past 12 years I believe we have developed a strong relationship with Cormack and we have embedded the innovation awards into a subject in our course as it offers such a significant learning opportunity to all the participants.

The award provides the students often with their first real conversation and connection with industry and provides them with the chance to practice and display the skills they have developed over the previous semesters.

All of the UTS winners have valued their time at Cormack and their experience has been evident in their work the following semesters. They demonstrate a deeper passion for design and detail resolution and the desire to make it real. The experience is invaluable and sets them on the path to being a designer with difference."

Dominic See - 2013 Winner, Student, University of New South Wales

"The Cormack Innovations Award competition and internship program has been a life changing experience for me, the internship program being an invaluable learning opportunity but also the competition itself I believe is a wonderful thing for students to be a part of.

Even just being selected into the top 20 design finalists of the competition, greatly boosted my confidence as a design student and I believe it helps to make students aware of the skills they have learnt in the course of their studies. Thank you Amber and the Cormack team for everything!"